Wildfire Pottery is a partnership between husband and wife team, Sarah Beck and Paul Cranford. It is a pottery shop and a used bookstore located on Cape Breton Island, in Nova Scotia, Canada. It is also a pinback button, laser cuttin’, fiddle playing, gift purveying kind of place. Yes, we have more than pottery here because Sarah, the potter, also loves to stretch her creative boundaries by exploring new mediums and technologies.

The acquisition of button makers, professional quality printers and a laser cutter has added a whole new dimension to the goods found at Wildfire Pottery. Inspired by the natural world you’ll find all sorts of handmade birds and animals in the shop. Moose, puffins, frogs, penguins, fish, polar bears, foxes, lizards and other critters populate the shelves in the form of clay sculptures, cups and plates, cards, jewellery, prints and more.


We have music too!  Quite often you’ll have the chance to hear a tune played by Paul, the resident tune maker.  Paul has composed over 500 fiddle tunes and is happy to play for anyone who stops in to visit.  We have a huge selection of cds from Cape Breton fiddlers and books to help you learn the tunes if you are a musician.

Used Books

Speaking of books, if you have the urge to find some holiday reading we have a used bookstore in the back of the shop with thousands of titles to choose from.  These are books, yes, real books, made of paper, printed with ink and wonderful to hold in the hand.  We have classics and modern thrillers, a non-fiction section and a warm fireplace to sit next to on cool autumn days. We hope you will come and visit us at the shop, located on the Cabot Trail on beautiful Cape Breton Island.

We are open pretty much every day from mid-June to mid-October, 10 am-6 pm. If you are making a special trip to come and see us please call ahead, just to make sure we are there. We do try very hard to be open every day but it is just the two of us running the shop and sometimes something comes up. We would hate to miss you!