Mark Finney opened St. Ann’s Bay Electric in 2010, incorporating in 2012. His wife Lisa operates the business; she’s the one you’ll likely talk to when you schedule appointments.

With over 25 years of experience in the electrical trade in both Canada and Australia, Mark comes from a family of electricians, with three brothers also in the trade. He started out working in the electrical firm of one of his brothers in Guelph, Ontario during school summers, and began his formal schooling at Memorial Composite High School in Sydney Mines. In 1996, Mark moved to Canberra, Australia. There he completed his apprenticeship, gaining experience in residential and commercial electrical services, including elevators, escalators, and data cabling.

In 2002, Mark brought his young family to Cape Breton. Studying the Canadian Electrical Code, he soon became a Red Seal Electrician. For the next several years, he worked as a construction electrician in Fort McMurray, before deciding to start his own company at home with his family and friends.

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