Cranford Publications specializes in Celtic fiddle music from Cape Breton, Ireland and Scotland. Proprietor Paul Cranford is a fiddler, composer and retired lightousekeeper well-grounded in the traditions of music he sells, performs and arranges.

This site provides resources for a continuing tradition. We both create and distribute books of music notation and related recordings; materials intended to help you learn to interpret music. We also link to many other educational sites as well as to other fiddlers, luthiers, festivals etc.

Our online store has remained the same since 1999. and with luck, later in 2017, we will find time to upgrade the look, feel and functionality of the store. The new store will also be mobile friendly and have the ability to sell digital downloads. Sign up for the e-newsletter!

As you explore the site you will find links to thousands of tunes. Check out any page which features a book or CD that interests you – on most you will find links to tunes. Many are posted as free, on-screen musical notation others as sound clips, midi files, ABCs or link to articles, photos and descriptions – all relating to books and CDs which we make or have made available in our on-line store. Old newsletters are worth exploring since they both synopsize content and provide links to tunes, videos, artists, books etc

We are a homebased mailorder business without a storefront. If you are visiting Cape Breton, our most popular books and CDs are available at my wife, Sarah Beck’s shop: Wildfire Pottery (+ books and music). Located on the Cabot Trail 18 kilometer north of Englishtown.

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