There are several community halls in service. All of these halls can be rented by the hour or day by anyone in the community. Rates vary, but always include heat if it’s cold outside. The halls are managed and maintained by various volunteers; it’s a lot of work! All facilities have a good supply of tables and chairs that can be arranged in a variety of ways to suit any occasion. They have hosted suppers, weddings, dances, festivals, concerts, book readings, yoga classes, and business courses.

South Haven
South Haven Community Hall
4411 Highway 105, South Haven

This sunny former school house is available for rent, including its kitchen. It also hosts regular flea markets with tables available for rent, complete with hot dogs on the BBQ in warmer months.

North River Community Hall
37 Oregon Road, North River Bridge

The North River Community Hall hosts various community social activities, including darts league, wing nights, and the occasional musical or theatrical offering. It has a great little stage. The Hall has a bar, and your events can be licensed.

Memorial Hall at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
42462 Cabot Trail, North River Bridge

This Hall is actively used by everyone in the community. Memorial Hall is fully accessible, with accessible washrooms (it’s downstairs, but there’s an elevator!). There is a full licensed kitchen, and the Church hosts frequent pot-luck and other special suppers, open to everyone.

Celtic Tea Room at St Ann’s Bay United Church
46715 Cabot Trail, River Bennett

This Hall is actively used by everyone in the community. The Tea Room is fully accessible, with accessible washrooms. There is a full licensed kitchen, Internet access, and a flat-panel TV (good for presentations and seminars!). During July and August, the Tea Room is the scene of extremely popular Celtic music concerts – ceilidhs – on Tuesdays and Fridays. The Church hosts frequent suppers and breakfasts – especially during the winter months – at which everyone is welcome.

North Shore Fire Hall
46177 Cabot Trail, Indian Brook

Along the north-south stretch of the Cabot Trail, the North Shore Fire Hall is our official “comfort station”, the place to make your way to if the power goes out for a long time. The Hall has a generator, a small stage, and a full, licensed kitchen. Events can be licensed for alcohol service. The building is fully accessible, and there is a fully accessible washroom. It is equipped with a flat-panel TV and Internet access. The Fire Department hosts fundraising suppers throughout the year; the most popular is the lobster supper, which takes place every year in the first week or so of the New Year. They also have a welcome newcomers supper, usually around November 1 each year. This Hall is also home to weekly cribbage meets in the winter.

Community Health Centre
46177 Cabot Trail, Indian Brook

Attached to the Fire Hall is our community Health Centre, a small space that can be rented separately. The Health Centre offers seating and table space for 8 or so, and is ideal for cosy meetings. Internet access and a flip chart stand are available. There is a separate entrance with a few steps; the space can also be entered from inside the Fire Hall, which offers an accessible entrance. It shares an accessible washroom with the Fire Hall. There is a fair collection of books of every description available for borrowing (a sort of local “library”). When you’re not using it, the Health Centre hosts several Wellness Clinics for men and women throughout the year (a doctor from nearby Baddeck attends for the day), as well as foot clinics. Of course, the Health Centre also drives quite a few very important community activities as well, but they don’t rely on this space. You will want to learn about off-season (that is, not summer) activities like Saturday community hikes, Wednesday “Seniors” Lunches, and an assortment of physical exercise practices like weekly T’ai Chi or yoga.

Englishtown Community Hall
971 Highway 312, Englishtown

This Hall is fairly active in the winter/spring season, hosting occasional pub nights, bingo, dances, and music concerts. There is a stage, kitchen, and bar for licensed events. It is in part supported by the annual Englishtown Mussel Festival, which happens on the last Saturday in June. The Mussel Festival is a very popular all-day event, including music and other entertainments, food prepared on site, a foot race, and a bicycle race.
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