Stretched along some 72 kilometres of the Cabot Trail, the community of North Shore/St Ann’s is tightly knit, gathering often to celebrate its culture and dwell in its glorious outdoors. River fishing, trail-walking, hiking, swimming, kayaking, snowshoeing, downhill or cross-country skiing, small-holding farming, and market gardening; all are practiced by people of all ages throughout the year. When not outdoors, people gather to entertain each other much as in the old days, and to eat together and work together, too. Locals here have always welcomed newcomers, so that many languages and root cultures are shared and celebrated in food and song and customs. The Gaelic College of Celtic Arts and Crafts lives here. Home to makers of musical instruments, a music historian, singers, and players, here you will find at least one musician or avid fan per household. There’s an art gallery featuring Atlantic artists, including local professional photographers and fine potters, that also hosts intimate musical concerts from classical to Celtic. Words are treasures, too; the tiny population of under 350 entertains two book clubs, is home to novelists, poets, and songwriters, is the birthplace of “Cape Breton’s Magazine” that captured the once-thriving Gaelic culture here, and hosts the annual Cabot Trail Writers Festival. The St Ann’s Bay Players, a semi-professional theatre troupe, frequently performs the work of its own playwright, as well as works large and small from around the world. Lobster fishing is a key local industry, but this region is equally known for its fine crafts, with gifted artisans working in wood, clay, fabric, leather, iron, and glass. Lately, people are stopping by to sample an ever-growing list of culinary treats, from fresh farm produce and locally caught seafood, to unexpected dining opportunities ranging from organic packaged snacks to award-winning fine dining. Small though we are in numbers, this community has so much to share, and welcomes visitors and newcomers alike. Join us for your next any-season adventure, stop in on your Cabot Trail exploration, or consider a new life with us, limited only by your imagination.